Service Level Agreement

Tuesday August 22, 2023
Web Hosting - Service Level Agreement

This SLA (Service Level Agreement) modifies the agreement between HOSTNEY and the Customer, focusing on the uptime guarantees related to the Services provided by HOSTNEY. It outlines the remedies available to the Customer in case HOSTNEY fails to meet those guarantees. The remedies specified in this SLA are the only remedies available to the Customer for the issues covered herein. HOSTNEY reserves the right to update this SLA at its sole discretion, and the most recent version can be accessed on our website.

1. Service Availability

1.1. We provide a network uptime guarantee of 99.5% over the course of one year (which amounts to 363.2 days out of a 365-day period), and if we fall short of this guarantee, we will compensate you accordingly. Compensation will be provided as follows:

  • 1 month of free hosting for network uptime between 99.5% - 98.50%
  • Additional month of free hosting for every 1% of uptime lost below 98.50%

1.2. You can check your server uptime status through your HOSTNEY User Portal and contact our customer service team if you believe an SLA event has occurred. Compensation is limited to the length of your current Term, up to a maximum of three months.

1.3. Certain events, including

  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Emergency maintenance
  • DNS and IP address changes
  • Third-party applications
  • Downtime caused by you or your Delegate Access Users
  • Exceeding your plan's resources
  • Your violation of these TOS
  • Force majeure events

do not count towards our calculation of uptime.

"Emergency maintenance" refers to unscheduled maintenance conducted without prior notice, typically in urgent situations to safeguard the integrity, availability, or security of online systems.

1.4. We rely on our internal records to calculate network availability, and we do not accept third-party reports as evidence of entitlement to compensation under this SLA. To be eligible for a credit, you need to reach out to Support within 5 days of the occurrence that led to the credit.

2. Maintenance Window

Data Center LocationMaintenance Window
Americas9p - 3a Eastern Time
Europe3p - 9p Eastern Time
Asia-Pacific7a - 1p Eastern Time
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