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About Us

Hostney is dedicated to enabling online success for everyone, from developers to budding bloggers and business proprietors. Leveraging our rapid web hosting technology, dependable and approachable customer support, and user-friendly control panel, expanding your website is an exceptionally straightforward endeavor.

Experience, Technology and You

Bringing Focus to the Forefront.

Your Satisfaction Matters Most: Elevating Your Experience as Our Ultimate Priority.


While Hostney may be a new player in the startup scene, its leadership boasts an impressive background of over two decades of experience. With expertise ranging from domain registration, DNS management, and advanced server technologies to handling high-traffic websites and intricate clustered systems, Hostney is well-equipped to cater to a diverse range of needs. Your digital journey is in capable hands with Hostney's seasoned professionals.


At Hostney, our commitment lies in staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving tech landscape. Our dedication to progress is evident in our continuous enhancement of server infrastructure. Additionally, our proprietary control panel, meticulously crafted, stands as a testament to our pursuit of innovation. We're not just about technology; we're about you. If you have an idea, we're all ears, ready to shape it into reality.

It is ALL About You

At Hostney, it's you—the customer—who takes the lead. Your feedback is the cornerstone of our progress, shaping our products, refining our processes, and elevating overall customer delight. We're committed to capturing your insights through avenues like surveys, online reviews, and personal interviews. With your voice guiding us, we're dedicated to creating an experience that truly resonates with you.

About Hostney

Welcome to Hostney!

At Hostney, our story began with Gabor, a European native with a passion for art and a talent for CNC programming. Following his creative pursuits, he embarked on a journey into web design, but destiny had a different plan for him. The allure of Linux System Administration quickly captivated him, setting the stage for an exciting path ahead.

In 2003, Gabor's entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish his own web hosting company. Through unwavering dedication and innovative solutions, the company flourished, becoming Hungary's 2nd largest domain registrar by 2012. Recognizing the potential for even greater achievements, an esteemed investor company recognized the immense potential of Gabor's organization and joined forces through an acquisition, prompting Gabor to set his sights on new horizons in the United States.

Today, alongside his role at Hostney, Gabor serves as the Director of Quality Control at Sequentur, one of the world's fastest-growing MSPs. Here, his focus is on ensuring seamless system operations, delivering projects with exceptional standards, and proactively safeguarding systems.

What is Hostney all about?

Hostney originated as an internal tool, meticulously crafted to manage and monitor web servers with unparalleled efficiency. Our primary objective was to develop an OS-independent control panel, empowering us to expand and adapt it as needed. This versatile tool seamlessly handles various operating systems, including FreeBSD, RHEL, RHEL ABI compatible systems, SUSE, and Debian.

From caching to load balancing, and auto-provisioning of systems, Hostney operates independently of any cloud provider, granting us the freedom to utilize it wherever necessary.

The Foundation of Giving Back

At the heart of Hostney's inception lies Gabor's unwavering sense of gratitude and a burning desire to contribute to the web community. He was determined to offer top-notch hosting services at affordable prices, driven by a disdain for the exploitative marketing tactics employed by other hosting companies. "Feeling fortunate to have found a profession that aligns with my passion, I aspire to share the benefits with others," Gabor says. Hostney represents his vision, an endeavor to assist and uplift others in the digital realm.

Our Aspiration

At Hostney, we envision fostering a thriving community and continuously enriching our services with new and exciting features. Our commitment to affordability will remain unwavering, allowing us to serve our customers optimally while maintaining a secure and sustainable operation.

Feeling fortunate to have found a profession that aligns with my passion, I aspire to share the benefits with others.

Founder & CEO

Gabor Leszlauer

Founder @ Hostney

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