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Monday August 21, 2023
Web Hosting - SSH Keys

SSH Keys Introduction

SSH, a secure protocol, serves as the predominant method for establishing remote connections to Linux servers. It facilitates a text-based interface by initiating a remote shell session. Once the connection is established, any commands entered into your local terminal are transmitted to the remote server and executed there.

In some cases you may need to access your SSH Terminal, we will explain how to generate SSH Keys in your Hostney Control Panel.

Please, navigate to "SSH Keys" under "Security" to get started.

Generate SSH Keys

When you create SSH Keys or rather a key-pair with Hostney, both the private and public keys are generated and securely stored in our system for future download.

You'll need to download the private key and install it in your application to connect to Hostney's SFTP and SSH services.

The private key is available in two formats for download: OpenSSH and PuTTY. Choose the format that suits your application.

To generate a key, click on the "Generate Key" tab and provide a name for the key. You can also set an optional password for the key. Once done, click "Add Key" to generate it.

Web Hosting - Add SSH Key
Generate SSH Key

Import a Key

If you have already generated a key-pair on your end, you can easily import it into our system. Keep in mind that Hostney does not store the private key for imported keys, so it's crucial to store it securely.

Here's how you can import the key:

  1. Navigate to the "Import Key" tab.
  2. Choose the desired account where you want to install the key.
  3. Give the key a name for easy identification in the future.
  4. Paste the key in the SSH-RSA Key field.
  5. Click on the "Add Key" button to complete the process.

Please be aware that our system exclusively accepts keys in the ssh-rsa format. Make sure to use the appropriate format while importing the key.

Web Hosting - Import Public Key
Import Public Key

Key Options

Once your key-pair is generated, you can find it in the SSH Keys section. Hover your mouse over the "Action" button to reveal the following options:

  1. SSH Credentials: Obtain server information for setting up your connection.
  2. Public Key: Access the public key installed for your hosting account.
  3. Private Key: Download the private key in OpenSSH format.
  4. PuTTY Key: Download the private key in PuTTY format (suitable for PuTTY and WinSCP).

Additional features:

  1. Manage IP Addresses: Configure IP address limitations for server access.
  2. Rename: Change the key's name in Hostney's system.
  3. Delete: Remove the key-pair or imported public key from Hostney's records.
Web Hosting - Key Options
Key Options

We have created a guide that explains how to utilize PuTTY.


In a world where data breaches and security threats loom large, the adoption of SSH key-pairs represents a proactive stance against vulnerabilities. They serve as the linchpin of secure communication, allowing organizations and individuals to communicate, collaborate, and manage remote systems with the assurance that their digital interactions remain private and protected.

SSH key-pairs epitomize the fusion of security and efficiency, embodying the core principles of modern cybersecurity. Their adoption is not merely a choice; it is a commitment to safeguarding your digital assets and upholding the principles of confidentiality, integrity, and availability in the digital realm. As technology advances and threats evolve, SSH key-pairs stand as a steadfast ally, ensuring that your online experiences are not only secure but also seamlessly efficient.

For more information on how SSH works, visit the website of OpenSSH, an open-source application widely used in Unix-like operating systems.

OpenSSH is developed by the OpenBSD project.

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