FTP Users

Monday August 21, 2023
Web Hosting - FTP Users

To set up an FTP User, go to "Hosting" > "FTP Users" in your control panel.

Types of FTP Users:

  • Website Level
  • Domain Level
  • Account Level
  • Custom

Website Level

For a "Website Level" FTP User, please ensure you have an active "Virtual Host" set up. Refer to the Quick Start or Virtual Host guides for more information.

  1. Choose your website from the dropdown menu.
  2. Click "Create" to generate the FTP User.

This access mode will assign the FTP User's root directory to the website's DocumentRoot.

Web Hosting - FTP Users
FTP Users
Web Hosting - FTP Connection Details
FTP Connection Details

Domain Level

Domain Level access is designed to work with Hostney's original "Virtual Host" directory structure. This structure preserves the domain-name.com/subdomain hierarchy in your home folder, granting the FTP User access to all your subdomains.

This is especially useful if you manage multiple subdomains, such as www.example.com, shop.example.com, and blog.example.com.

To set up "Domain Level" access, follow the same steps as the "Website Level" setup. However, this time, go to the "Domain Level" tab, select your domain name, and click "Create".

Account Level

Account Level access is straightforward – this FTP User will have access to the home directory of the hosting account.

However, exercise caution while using this feature, as this user will be able to access all the data under the specified account.


With Custom access, you can create an FTP User and specify a particular folder to which the user will have access.

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